F200 EXR vs. Nikon D50 -- very low light test

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Jose Rocha Senior Member • Posts: 1,100
F200 EXR vs. Nikon D50 -- very low light test

Hi all,

This time I did the same test as the first, but I turned the fluorescent lights off and turned an incandescent light on that's in an adjacent room, so the source of light was far away from the subject and the ambient light was very dim.

To reproduce the actual ambient light I set the Nikon on -2.0 EV, and the Fuji had to be set in M mode and varying shutter speed to get similar results. All shots were taken with the same equipment as the first test, except that I used Incandescent WB preset in both cameras (I forgot to mention that in the picture below).

After stitching the crops together on the final picture I saw that the ISO 400 test failed for the F200 because of some OOF pictures. I hope you don't mind One thing I loved was the film-like grain of the F200, much more natural than the D50 JPEG, at ISO 1600, though there's a lot of detail that was lost. In this test it's even more visible that the F200 lens performed badly at the corners, but I'm afraid that's due to the wide aperture used.

Well, not much more to say about this test... In the first test the F200 performed very well until ISO 800, but this test was much more demanding. Nevertheless ISO 400 is still acceptable under these circumstances, but in practice it means to have a tripod with you...

Finally, I have a question to you all familiar with this camera. I got something that I wasn't aware before buying the F200... why did those white pixels show up? Is it because of high temperature, since I had to use shutter speeds up to 6 seconds?

Jose Rocha


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