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I agree in that to a large extent the wisdom or folly of my decision will in large be determined (at least in the short term) by the A7xx. When (or if, since I'm not convinced that the "replacement A700" Sony is planning is not more an A6xx and not at the level of the A700 series) the A7xx is released, we may have a clearer picture of where Sony is headed. If it is indeed a worthy replacement for the A700 and measures up against the 7d and 300s replacement, Sony will have demonstrated to me that they are a viable alternative to Canikon. Whether one is set on FF or not, a respectable A7xx would give a good deal of assurance to me that the A9xx and A8xx would likely be excellent cameras and again would be an alternative to Canikon's 5d and D7xx. Time will indeed tell. For me, it's alot of if's and with Canon I get a great deal more comfort since they are there now.

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