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Re: Congratulations!

Sal Baker wrote:

pandalee wrote:

Sal Baker wrote:

pandalee wrote:

no all people care the video and if you do love video , then there will be Sony E mount video camera that takes all Emount and Amount sony lenses.

I didn't say they did. I do and I use the 5DII for personal and professional video projects. I'm extremely happy with a DSLR form factor that covers FF hi-res still and 1080p needs. The Sony video camera wouldn't work for me. It doesn't even shoot RAW files. I gave up on jpegs long ago.

are you sure the new Sony Emount Video NEX cannot shoot RAW?
hard to believe this , if this is true , then it is no longer attractive.

From Phil's news posting on this site...

"Although the VG-10 can shoot still images with the same level of control as the NEX-3 and 5, it cannot record RAW images."

and the A900 will blow the 5D2 and D700 out of this planet in terms of pure IQ contest.W

None of these cameras blow each other out of this planet. They're all excellent and offer different options. If you can't shoot gallery-quality photos with any of them don't blame the camera.

well, shoot the A900 for a week , you will change your mind.

No need to. My 5DII is an absolute pleasure to use, provides incredible 20 x 30 prints for my shows, and shoots georgous cinematic 1080p video that's adds a whole new aspect to my video projects. The A900 is not as clean at high ISOs as the 5DII and fails miserably at shooting HD video. So I'm not interested in SONY DSLRs at this time, but thanks for the suggestion.

ok, thanks for being so civil and polite.

I guess if you do care good high ISO performnace more than great low ISO performance , I under stand why you like your 5D2 so much.

the 5D2 is a good high ISO camera but at the cost of practical DR at low ISO.



Sal Baker wrote:

You will be a very happy camper.

I made the same decision 6 months ago and I've never been more happy. As a former medium format shooter who made his own wet room prints I continue to be amazed at the sharpness, richness and overall quality of the 5DII files when I bring them up on my 30" display.

I only have one L zoom, the rest are primes. My 50 and 85mm lenses really showcase the 21mp resolution, but the L comes very close.

You'll find that you won't hesitate to shoot iso 400 - 1600 as the files are very clean. 3200 looks good too but for large prints a bit of NR is useful.

If you shoot video, remember to keep the shutter speed down to 30 - 50 especially at 24p for the best cinematic look.

Enjoy! You have years of fun ahead.


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