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Re: In terms of sheer image quality...

Another person talking to me like I'm an idiot.

Of course. You've set yourself up for abuse by expressing positive interest in something. You must have a great deal of patience or free time to actually defend your decision. There is something about this board that brings the self-proclaimed experts to make grand and unwavering pronouncements. I'm not sure if internet message boards make people say more extreme things than they would say in person or if they are just populated by the know-it-alls that most people know to avoid in real life, but the result is the same. It's a shame, as there is useful information and helpful people on these forums, but it can be difficult to correctly filter the facts from the hyperbole.

Having recently purchased the same combination as you, I can say that I'm certain there are technical limitations to both the camera and the lens, but I haven't run up against them yet. That may be an indictment of the general quality of my photographs (which is certainly the case) or the applications for which I use the camera, but I think that is more generally true than not. Potential buyers are done a disservice by those declaring the technical flaws entirely fatal.

Hopefully once you get your camera you will be able to offer advice on the important differences between the two systems and the relative advantages of both. Have fun with new camera!

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