Sensor cleaning

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Sensor cleaning


I recently noticed some dust spots on my sensor since I started to shoot macro at small aperture. Although, I don't use f/45 because of diffraction limit, I took a few frames of a white surface at f/45 with Sigma 150 f/2.8 Macro lens just to locate the dust spots clearly. The local nikon service is close to home, so I decided to stop by to have a sensor cleaning service. Which was done in 45 minutes in total. However, I did not see much difference after the cleaning service. Below are the images, before and after the cleaning:

This is before the cleaning:

This is after the cleaning:

This is 1:1 upper-left crop version for comparison. Left photo is before the cleaning. Note that there is a large spot near the upper edge at before-image. Although, it is gone in the after-image. However, there is another big spot at another area in the after-image.

I spoke with the person who performed the cleaning. He says, Nikon's standard is testing at f/16, and they are not visible at that aperture. However, I sometimes use f/22 and maybe a little smaller aperture when doing macro.

It looks to me that they just replaced the dust, but not removed them. Should I ask for a refund?

Second questions is: I am using D700 for about 18 months now. I mostly use primes, and need to change them often. But I try to do the lens change in a closed area like inside a car or at home, and do it quickly without leaving the internals of both the camera and lens exposed to open air. I also set the automatic sensor cleaning when the camera is turned off. Is this level of dust normal? Do you have any other recommendations to minimize it?

Kind regards.

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