Would you choose a D40 as a 2nd cam to a D700?

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Re: Thoughts on LX-3, D40

rodneyb wrote:

I've also been considering a DX body as a second camera, for a couple of reasons.

I had a D300 and LX3 and sold both in my move from DX-> FX (D700). I loved the idea of the LX3, but almost never used it. Sounds like the LX-5 will address a lot of the issues - optional viewfinder, they got rid of the joystick, more lens range.

I really debated keeping my D300 when I got the D700, but the resales were still good on it, and I was spending a of money realigning lenses. My biggest "want" with having a DX is the extra reach from time to time with my 70-200, especially when I would want a 2nd body anyway with wide on one and telephoto on another.

But it would be nice to have a lightweight option sometimes, too. So picking up one of the smaller bodies like the D40/60/50/5000 makes some sense for me. I could pick up a 18-55 VR for cheap and have a lightweight option when that is what is called for, in addition to using for 2nd body and more reach.

I've been scanning CL often for a couple months now, but still haven't found the killer deal yet.


You know another solution which I actually regret selling is D80. Regret because I did not get much for it when I sold it. You can get a body for around $350 these days. And you get D40 for what, about $250 or even more? I am thinking about getting a d80 myself now. It is not much larger than D40. ISO up to 800 is excellent, and even 1600 is passable. 11-point-autofocus and it auto-focuses with all my lenses!!!!
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