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Thanks for the links as I found them interesting,but, in theory, I stand by my statement that colors with the Foveon should be more accurate. Foveon records at full resolution using no interpolation so (in theory) should render color geospacially with much greater accuracy. Also, for those shooting black & white since using the Foveon there is no sub-sampling the pixel resolution of the sensor, thus permitting for a full resolution black & white image without color processing. As you stated, Foveon is not perfect either. Usage depends upon what output the user wants in the end. Both types of sensors have their pros and cons. One should be happy with what they are using!

exdeejjjaaaa wrote:

grcolts wrote:

and renders color with much more accuracy.

the point about accuracy is not correct... only at a base ISO and enough light and light spectrum close to some ideal "daylight" you can hope for actually accurate colors (or if there only limited colors present in the scene)... do not mix "nice" colors with "accurate" colors...

why so ? because of the layers - not enough light, wrong spectrum and Foveon fails to get enough data vs noise to calculate the colors correctly

here is an example:

ISO100 raw file with XRite colorchecker under some artificial light =

try to get all colors correctly (you can use Adobe DNG profile editor if you want to)...

then for example compare how everything is @ ISO1600 where sensors like in KX still deliver =

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