7D -> 5D II... will I miss my 7D?

Started Jul 21, 2010 | Discussions thread
zsd101 Contributing Member • Posts: 916
There will be...

some things you will miss. First, I think you'll miss the blazing AF. Yes, the 5DII's AF is very good (center point), but the AF on the 7D was amazing for such a camera. Secondly, the wireless feature for flash was something that I found REALLY useful - way more so than I ever thought I would. I liked the 100% viewfinder on the 7D, and thought that was a nice feature.

Don't get me wrong, for what you are saying you are shooting more of, the 5DII would be my choice, hand's down. However, there are a GREAT many features that make the 7D top of its class (IMO) for a reason, and I think you'll see on the 5DIII (2011-2012). Just want to make sure some of the things you'll miss won't cause a great deal of "buyer's remorse".

Best of luck as BOTH are outstanding cameras.

Jason G.

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