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Re: In terms of sheer image quality...

Darrell52 wrote:

Kabe Luna wrote:

...and arguably high ISO IQ, you were in better hands with the A850 and A900 for optimum image quality.

I presume you speak from personal experience since the overwhelming consensus and every review I have ever read indicates that the 5DMkii has much much better high ISO capabilities. A850/900 owners have been screaming for a firmware fix for high ISO issues since the camera was introduced. If Sony does fix this issue, as they did with the A700, I would still be willing to bet the 5Dii would be a superior high ISO camera.

oh if your definition of over all IQ means just high ISO , yeah the 5D2 is a great cam.

but its low ISO IQ is HORRIBLE, so I still have my Nikons as my main bodies.

Interesting choice to switch to a more expensive Canon full frame camera

Clearly not more expensive than the A900 and the price I paid for the 5D and the 24-105 kit lens would equate to less for the 5D body than the $2300-2600 it costs for an A850 in Canada. Not sure where you shop.

well, only in your area, the A900 now is so cheap , in Thailand , in Japan , in China , we cna get ti under 1.8 K USD.

paired with a very mediocre L-series zoom rather than simply move up to Sony's less expensive full frame option.

All reviews I've read on the 24-105 indicate it is a very capable zoom with resolution the equivalent of the Canon 24-70 2.8. The IS provides an advantage over the 24-70 and the broader range is attractive given for the short term it will be my only lens. I intend to fill in my lens options over time with the best canon L lenses.

Well, I dont think Kabe Luna is trying to compare the trashy lens the 24-105 f4L to the even trashier lens like the 24-70 but to the Sony Zeiss 24-70 or Canon L primes in its range.

Again, the A850/900 are not less expensive.

Hope you get what you want out of it.

Thanks for the good wishes, I hope so too since nothing is ever absolutely for certain.

The switch certainly isn't likely to improve your abilities as a photographer.

Not sure what your point is here, but I don't like being talked to like I'm an idiot.

well, no need to be so sarcastic but Kabe is telling you the reality.

In any event, thanks for taking time to comment notwithstanding our apparent differences of opinion.

not differnce , you just dont know Canon or 5D2 very well , that is all , once you get used to it , you will be less excited or enthusiastic about it.

we all know every camera system and body is a bit of compromise and you just need to decide in where to make compromise................


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