HS10 Challenger??

Started Jul 17, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Re: HS10 still leader of the pack?

Vandyu wrote:

Not desperate. Just the usual comparison of the new model with the FZ50 (aka The Untouchable). Things should settle down after people have a camera in their hands and can do their own assessments. Hopefully, DPR will be willing to give a review of the FZ100 and not wait until next year. I remain overall optimistic.

Too soon to grab the pitch forks and storm the windmill!

Agreed. I'm an FZ50 owner and resigned to the fact that when I move on, it's likely to be an EVIL or something, because superzooms with real manual controls are history. I like some of what I see in the new models, but.... it's not enough to make me focus and zoom off a little toggle, or give up my internally-zooming lens.

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