Lightroom Books: Kelby vs Evening

Started Jul 21, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Well, for me---

Well for me ----the first 243 pages was the meat of the book!!! If you understand Photoshop's ACR plug in , Lightroom's develop module is just about self explanatory. If I did have a question about the develop module-- the answer was easy to find, as Evenings book is very thorough, and organized quite well.

I had a few questions questions about organizing 10's of thousands of images in an orderly manner, and Evening's book explained every thing I wasn't quite sure about . i also picked up a few tips about organizing I wasn't aware of...

Taking the time to read the organizing portions of the first 243 pages, will make the
reader expert in organizing tons of images using the library module.

As for the error on page 260--- so what-??-not very important in the scheme of things..

Just about every digital imaging book I have read --has errors that are much more important that that one!!!-- and I have read my share of them in the past 20 years!!!

Like I mentioned in my first post----take a look at the book--.(and/or) the reviews Then decide to purchase it --or go another route...

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