Lightroom Books: Kelby vs Evening

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Re: Lightroom Books: Kelby vs Evening

Sorry but I disagree with you here. There may be a need for a reference book at some stage but the Lightroom 3 User Guide explains everything you need to know about the application In fact I would go further and state that the User Guide is better written than many of the third party books on the market. I know because I've read/reviewed most of them. If you did you'd realize that in many instances the authors are simply rehashing the information that is already in the User Guide.

Martin Evening's book is good but that doesn't mean that it is without flaws. For most people the most important part of Lightroom is the Develop Module. Guess when he starts discussing the Develop Module in his book (LR2 edition)? Page 244.

If you're reading in sequence you have to wade thourgh 243 pages to get to the stuff you need.

Also the book has several major errors. For example, on page 260 he says the following about the Scale slider that is visible on the Toolbar when the White Balance tool is selected:

"The Show Loupe check box allows you to toggle displaying the
loupe that appears just below the White Balance tool cursor. You can
adjust the loupe scale setting by dragging the slider next to the Show
Loupe item in the toolbar. This slider adjusts the sample grid pixel
size, and dragging the slider to the right will increase the number
of pixels used when sampling a white balance point measurement.
Increasing the pixel sample size can be benefi cial if you want to
aggregate the pixel readings more, such as when you’re sampling a
really noisy image and you don’t want a white balance measurement
to be unduly affected by the pixels that contain color noise."

This is clearly incorrect and can be easily proven; the pixels sampled by the WB dropper are foxed at a 5x5 grid and don't change when you increase the slider.

Buzzzman wrote:

Evening's vening book is excellent!! The Kost videos are good, but Evening's book explains all of lightroom's features in detail, and is a terrific reference book also.
Any questions you may have -will be answered in this one.
I consider it the "Lightroom"Bible"

I use video tutorials extensively, but you will alway s have questions that videos can't answer.
Don't pay any attention to those who recommend skipping this book!!!!

I have several good books( mostly Photoshop)and Evening's book on Lightroom 2 for digital Photographers , is probably the most thorough one I have. If you really want to understand Lightroom- this is the book for you..
Don't pay any attention to those who recommend skipping this book!!!!
If you have a bookstore nearby, check it out or check the Reviews on

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