70-300VR focuses past infinity - is that bad?

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David Rosser
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Re: 70-300VR focuses past infinity - is that bad?

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

One reason why most lenses focus beyond infinity is some distant landscape detail is sometimes low contrast and a poor AF target - capable of inducing mis focus.

With these targets manual focus can be more reliable. Being able to focus manually beyond infinity makes it easier to judge precise manual focus on distant detail.

Never have a problem focusing on infinity on any of my old Nikkors just bang the focusing against the infinity end stop, the lenses were collimated to be spot on at infinity focus at that posotion. The latest AF-S lenses all seem to allow focusing beyond infinity whereas my "screwdriver" 85mm has an infinity stop.

The question I have is on AF-S lenses that can focus beyond infinity, does the infinity mark on the scale actually indicate true infinity focus and where there are derth of field markings are these really usable?

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