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Re: Very entertaining :)

Well I'd not go to the extremes judging someone's motivation.

Personally I purchased the original 5D at the end of 2007 though I never had any intentions to quit the Alpha system. Yet the Sony A700 just released shortly before simply couldn't satisfy my image quality and performance requirements at that time and the then 2 years old design from Canon proved far better suited for the task. However I still keep a basic set of essential Alpha equipment and have by no means taken a final decision for one system. If I'd have to invest in a 20+ MP FF body today, it would be a rather close call between the Alpha 900/850 and the 5D Mk. II - I prefer the UI of the Sony by far, yet the AF performance of the Canon is clearly superior on erratically moving subjects plus it has video (not for the family vacation but pro-grade under manual control, suitable for stock footage), and the fully electronic Canon lens mount seems more "future-proof" than the Alpha mount, of which the long-term limitations are obvious now that the NEX system with a limited-functionality adapter is available. Anyway, I'm observing both systems very closely and I'm thankful to be in a position with no necessity to invest in one or the other at the moment.

I'd not like to bet about the direction Sony will take with their Alpha line. Recently they released many entry-level bodies with stripped-down functionality, much the same way Nikon does for years. However they should keep in mind Nikon not ONLY has stripped down amateur stuff, and Canon remains successful in selling fully featured small Rebel bodies (which are my current favorites in the entry level class because they make up for perfect light travel companions even for a demanding user).

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