Another convert from Sony...

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Very entertaining :)

Darrell52 wrote:

I just got tired of waiting for Sony to introduce its enthusiast and above level cameras.

All indications are that the successors to the A700 and A900 will be released according to a 3 year cycle - exactly the same as for Canon's cameras of the same level.

Jumping brands to buy a 2 year old design just doesn't seem very wise.

If the 5DII suits you better than the A850 or A900, there's nothing wrong with that, but citing the lack of high-level replacements as a reason just seems silly.

It only seems like Sony are neglecting their higher level cameras because of the large number of entry and midrange models they've been pumping out (4 more due in August).

The successor to the A700 is due at Photokina (2 months away), with a replacement to the A900 at next years' photokina very possible(maybe even before the 5D3).

The most significant weakness of the Sony cams used to be their high-iso performance, which, judging by the sensor performance of the NEX cameras, has finally been sorted.

Throw into the equation the best DR, the only FF camera with stabilised sensors, good AF and no banding, and Sony are set to produce some brilliant cameras, soon(tm).

In 3 years' time you might find yourself switching back to Sony (just before Canon or Nikon come out with the best-in-class cameras again)

Chasing marginally better cameras will just leave you sitting behind the curve.

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