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Re: Lens Front Threads???

p51d007 wrote:

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You can buy a good used FZ-50 for less than many new cameras cost, and yet the new camera will not stack up to the '50 in most ways, if any at all.

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One of the saddest days was when I gave up my FZ50. Yeah, I went to the DSLR land, but, it was like putting an old pet down, you know you eventually have to do it, but don't want to. At least mine stayed in the family because it went to my dad, who was the one who got me interested in photography when I was 6 years old, standing in the darkroom at the newspaper office where he worked at the time.
My job was rocking the exposed paper in the developer solution & stop solutions.
I can still recall the smells to this day.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my D5000, but, the FZ50 is still one of the best "bridge" camera I've ever used.

Coming to you from the beautiful Ozark Mountain Country
where if you're too busy to go fishin', then you're too busy!

All this talk about the FZ50 has me missing it and I've only seen a picture of it once. And only because I searched for it on the Internet after reading everybody heap kudos on it.

Anyway, I'm new to the Panasonic camera world and am caught on the horns of the FZ35/FZ100K dilemma. I ordered a new FZ35 from and am due to receive it tomorrow but I've got 30 days to return it for a full refund. I'm trying to decide on whether to leave it boxed and have a go at the FZ100K (assuming they release it in the next month) or just keep the FZ35 and count my cash. Any suggestions out there?

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