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Re: I think we win in ways...

Interesting comments, thanks.

Because mft have held top ten positions doesn't tell anything about dslr sales.

That is true, but the Olympus company reports have reported an ever shrinking imaging division until mft came about. Olympus also has clearly publicly stated many times they expected mft to be the turn around of that division. So what does that say about the DSLRs? They were not selling as well.

It just tells us that mft is selling well. And what about markets outside of Japan?

There are other reports/notes that do point MFT has been selling well outside of Japan. DPreview reported for UK/Europe I think. There's others about here but I don't have the links at the moment.

If there has been a significant decline in dslr sales due to the introduction of mft, then I can see the door closing on dslrs. But if not, then dslr might be around for a while.

The DSLRs were declining on their own. Read the last 2 years of Olympus company reports. They were going down down down.

If you can provide a link to Oly's sales figures, I'd appreciate that.
(and no, I'm not trying to be a wise-guy.)

No problem, I understand. Olympus publishes their corporate reports every quarter. I don't have the links at the moment but you can probably look them up at their corporate website. Not sure if the past years are still there though.

Take a close look at the Imaging division (= camera division). Their medical division has done great and is vastly bigger than the cameras by far.

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