Would you buy an APS-H mirrorless camera?

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Would you buy an APS-H mirrorless camera?

I have asked this question on the m4/3 forum and one Canon DSLR forum. Both have very different angles and neither seem to like it but for opposing reasons....:-)

So I put it here, cause I don't understand it. I have discussed this at lenght already, so here is what I ahve been told/found out:

  • APS-H performs virtually like Full frame and is much better than APS-c

  • APS-h sensors are clearly cheaper to produce than FF.

The smallest FF I know weighs 810 gram. So an APS-H (with about 70% of the FF size) directly translates into a smaller body. Making it mirrorless, means it can shrink even more.
Without the mirrorbox, the lenses become somewhat smaller too.

Suppose this translated into a camera with FF picture quality (excellent Dr and good ISO till 25600 ISO) at a Nikon D5000/Canon 550D/ Sony alpha 550 size with comparable lenses. Suppose it would be very much like current m4/3 Panasonic offerings, only with much better IQ and GH1/G2 videocapablities.

Would this:

  • be interesting for you (why/why not)

  • Do you think this would be smart.

My thoughts: depends on the price. I came up with it, so I think it would make good sense. APS-c offers little ovr m4/3 sensors. Cams are bigger. So offering the same size but performance m4/3 cannot match within the next 5 years would make for a very sensible cam to me. Certainly for Canon, who produces this chip (AFAIK) and has little to gain if they do no more than emulate Sony/Samsung with their mirrorless APS-c offerings....

I would see such a cam as a good complement to my current m4/3 setup.

I wonder what you think!

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