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Re: Jpg from 850 or 900

madecov wrote:

Everyone says the jpg images are really bad fom the 800 or the 900. Are they really that bad compared to the A700? I'm considering going with the A850 and selling off my 700 and DT lenses

My experience is just the opposite from what I heard often on this forum. The straight-out-of-camera JPEG images from my A850 is actually better than those from my A700.

I shoot RAW+JPEG most of the time and occasionally JPEG xFine only. When comparing the images converted from RAW with DxO and the in-camera JPEG from the A700, I can tell which is which easily with a casual glance over the images. But with the A850 they are close enough that I will have to take a harder look to distinguish the two (the white balance are often different but they are just different, not better or worse). I am not saying the A850 JPEG's are just as good or better than the RAW converted images, but in comparison the A850 JPEG files are in no way worse than that from the A700. So if you are happy with A700 JPEG's I don't see how you can be disappointed with JPEG from the A850.

I suspect most, if not all RAW shooters, have put in little or no effort to customize the JPEG settings on their A850 or A900, since they shoot RAW anyway. What's the point of fine-tuning the JPEG? On the other hand, they do invest time and effort (and money :)) on configuring the RAW converter so the output is to their liking. So I am not surprised that they are convinced the in-camera JPEG are not worthy at all. In reality I think the IQ of the in-camera JPEG and converted RAW are closer than most people would like to believe.

Sorry no images for comparison but the link to yet another thread with discussions related to this topic.

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