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Re: Back up software

WRKDBF_Guy wrote:

I was surprised to read this as I had not noticed that Windows 7 only keeps one Image. It always kept multiple on Vista and I just assumed ...

I read through the Windows 7 documentation which says it will keep multiples if there is sufficient space, but though I;ve followed the directions to the letter, it does not seem to work.

Yep, went through that same process. There are some caveats regarding network drives and stuff but I was using a directly connected USB external. It does not work per the (sparse) documentation. Frankly my confidence in the whole utility was pretty much shattered at that point and I moved onto Paragon.

Renaming the files, or moving them down into some sub-folder structure, occurred to me also but the whole thing seemed so poorly thought out... I wondered if they left the whole boring backup job to a summer student/intern

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