EVILs: welcome evolution of DSLRs but not small enough

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EVILs: welcome evolution of DSLRs but not small enough

Pre-emptive apologies.

For quite some time I've been a strong advocate that as the DSLR design is obsolete in the digital age, well then it's great that we finally have a decent offering of EVIL cameras.

However until today I had not really played with any in the flesh.


  • I'm disappointed with the bulk / weight. Sure they're smaller than DSLRs but not that much smaller. So for a lot of uses I can still see myself preferring a more compact camera, sorry

  • I'm disappointed at the controls. They're reasonably good on the GF1 (but an average DSLR has better controls still), they're disappointing on the E-PL, and they're quite poor on the NEX which compares quite unfavourably with advanced compacts in this respect

So what now?

  • I guess my personal conclusion is that (1) I feel no urge to go EVIL anymore, (2) maybe this will change when I see an APS-C camera with a fairly compact say 3x zoom lens. Given an APS-C sensor it wouldn't need to be so "fast" apart from aesthetic ie DOF reasons?


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