How to set each photo in to auto exposure in LR3 develop module?

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Re: How to set each photo in to auto exposure in LR3 develop module?

There are several ways to do it:

1. Set the Auto-expose for one photo then copy and paste the settings (choose Exposure only in the dialog box that appears) to your other photos

2. Select all the photos you want to adjust. If you look at the Previous button (lower right corner of the Develop module) you will see it automatically change to the Auto-Sync button. There's a small button that look like a light switch to the left of the Auto-Sync button, make sure its in the Up/ON position. Now press the Auto-Tone button and the changes will be made to all your photos. Now turn off the ON switch so that any subsequent changes will not be made to all your selected photos.

3. This is the simplest method. Go to the Library Module > Grid mode. Select all the photos you want to adjust using the Grid and not the filmstrip. Now press the CTRL + U keystroke combination and the Auto-Tone setting will be applied to all the selected images.

Similarly, you can press CTRL + SHIFT + U to apply Auto White Balance to your images.

Ross Dillon wrote:

This shouldn't be this hard, but I can't figure it out.

I'm brand new to LR3 so bear with me. For snapshots I find that the "auto" button in the exposure section of the develop module works just fine and is much faster than I am.

In ACR in CS2 I could select multiple photos and select "auto" and voila.

In LR3 I select them all and click on auto and only the single picture showing gets adjusted. It doesn't appear in the sync window.


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