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Re: LX5 Link on Pany's web site

SLOtographer wrote:

As said, I can see how people are disappointed. Lens cap, optical viewfinder, EVF, etc. I hear ya. Not the best things for size, but at least they exist for those who need them.

There's been speculation about the "new" LX3 for a long time, and everyone has their pet 'feature' that they'd like to see, that may not be important to the next person. I think that's why some sound so disappointed, hopes may have been too high, or their feature wasn't included.

I'm not disappointed in it, quite the contrary; I'm glad they haven't ruined the LX3, and given some positive changes. Even though the lens now goes to f/3.3, it's in the 'bonus' range of 60-90mm (I presume), so there's no loss, it just tempers the gain a little.

Now if they had gone to 24-90mm with f/2 throughout, and added a 920k LCD, I'd probably be checking my bank balance waiting for the day 8^), so maybe it's just as well they didn't, because I'm very happy with the LX3 as-is.

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