Attaching DSLR to motorbike

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Re: If you get hit by a truck

Whether the camera might get damaged or not is a different issue – and I'm sure to OP is aware of that, so let's get back to his original question: HOW to. Not IF to. Maybe he NEEDS to do it for a commercial shoot - who knows!?

+1 on the Manfrotto Super Clamp. And maybe try to figure out a DIY system with some rubber cushioning. (Have a look at Touratech's GPS mounts to see how they did it).

I've had my DSLR camera inside my tank-bag for over 50000km, and EVERYTHING is still fine, focus is top notch. That's on a single cylinder bike (single=more vibrations than a 4cylinder), with some pretty corrugated off-road tracks over hundreds of kilometers. (The sort of stuff that "shakes your kidneys" if you're not standing in the pegs.

So.... your camera MIGHT be OK with it. But you want to minimize as much vibration as you can:
1) 4 cylinder race bike = smoother than a 1 cylinder "thumper"

2) mounting it with the Manfrotto suer clamp to your handle bars or to the fairings = smoother than the swinging arm or foot-pegs.
3) road condition (obviously)
4) put a UV filter on the lens, against stones / dirt

5) pre-focus the lens, then seal the sides of the lens barrell with some electric tape (to minimize dust getting inside the camera)
6) put some camera armour on (the neoprene or rubbery stuff)

If you want to use it on a regular base, maybe you could come up with some L-clamp kind of system, to give some support - so the tripod mount doesn't break...

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