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Re: dmc-FZ100K

There are many things that a manufacturer can do and many reasons that they choose not to. I really think that the FZ50 was a great camera and that Panasonic will not issue an updated model.

As much as FZ50 owners may wish for a newer version, I think that enough time has elapsed to demonstrate that Panasonic isn't going to revisit that design. They have tried developing a competitive DSLR with the L1 and L10 and decided these could not be competitive with Nikon, Canon and Sony. Then they came out with the G series. Interesting in many ways, but still not taking the world by storm.

They do seem to see that there is a stable market for moderately-priced superzooms. Like me, there are many DSLR owners who want a lightweight, high quality option. The new crop of rangefinder type cameras with interchangeable lenses doesn't do it for me. But, I should never say never since I haven't actually used a PEN, NEX or a GF1.

The problem with the FZ50 is that it cannot be produced to the same or better standards and be priced at $499. That might be the magic price point in superzooms. Go above it and people will not buy regardless of how convenient a solution it is. People, interestingly, will overpay for bleeding edge technology. Which may explain why the G series has been rather high (G10 excluded). But, the FZ50 wouldn't be viewed by the public at large as new technology. So, if a new FZ50 cost $799-899 to be profitable for Panasonic, would it sell? Probably not.

Anyway, to me it looks like the FZ50 is taking its place in history and if you really want to continue using this camera, it may be best to buy a stock of them.
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