Zenitar 16 FE- presentation and samples

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Jonas B wrote:

Opening post:

This thread is dedicated to the Zenitar 16mm FishEye lens. First I thought of giving the thread "Open lens - the Zenitar 16 FE" for a name. That would mirror my intention to have the thred open for everyone to contribute to it. Then I thought that the words "open lens" can be misunderstood for some sort of DIY lens repair thread. A presentation of the lens, and then some samples.

A while ago somebody, sorry for forgetting who, suggested that we should have a thread for each lens and gather sample pictures in it. It has been done for the the kit (DA18-55) lens and maybe some more. Lately we have got many new members and there has been a new wave of interest in the Zenitar, again...

Contribute! Please feel free to comment to posts. I guess I have made mistakes somewhere. Please click the reply button when you are at the post you want to leave a comment upon. Questions can be posted as a reply to this post. Please feel free to contribute with samples, post them in the same way - as a reply to this very post. Use a descriptive title for your post. The same can be done for examples of hoods, technical descriptions, tips and such. We have seen many z-pictures and a lot of text about the Zenitar, even full unaltered pictures has been offered. This thread is in no way a signal about all this material being bad or obsolet or anything. Repost in here will you?! Let's gather the stuff to make it easier for new members wondering about the "hype" as somebody said. And as I replied: "There is no hype. The Zenitar 16 is a good, cheap and fun lens. Not many lenses are all of that." As being such a lens it deserves it's own thread with our collected knowledge. Ok?

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