LX3 and LX5 differences

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LX3 and LX5 differences

Assuming that the specs on Panasonic’s site are accurate here’s what I see.
Same sized sensor.

LX3 Lens
24mm – 60mm.
f2.0 to f8.
24mm - 60mm.
8 elements 6 groups.
4 aspherical lenses 4 aspherical surfaces

LX5 lens
24mm – 90mm.
f2.0 - f3.3 to f8.
10 elements 9 groups.
3 aspherical lenses 5 aspherical surfaces

ISO up to 3200 LX3
ISO up to 12800 LX3
Shutter 60sec – 1/2000sec LX3
Shutter 60sec – 1/4000sec LX5
Aspect 1.1 still seems to be menu activated LX5
LX3 Polycrystalline LCD 460K dots
LX5 TFT with anti reflective coating 460K dots.
EVF optional LX5
Orientation Detector LX5
AVCHD movie LX5
Movie zoom LX5
Wind noise cut LX5
Movie button LX5

Dimensions 4.28W - 2.34H – 1.06D LX3
Dimensions 4.32W - 2.58H – 1.69D LX5
Weight .5 lb no battery or card LX3
Weight .51 lb no battery or card LX5

So where are the advantages/disadvantages?
The LX5 lens might be a fraction slower depending on when or how
it drops to f3.3. Its construction looks to be better, although it only has 3
expensive aspherical elements.
ISO up to 12800, well we don’t have to go there! But there is a new Venus
engine but they usually leave a lot to be desired in low light.

1/4000 of a second is good. The LCD looks to be better although with an available EVF I’m not sure they needed to do anything. I’ve yet to come across any LCD that works really well in sunlight no matter what the press releases say!
Apart from a couple of menu additions and the movie extras that seems to be it.

So to make this a 100% usable camera I'm guessing it will price out at around $450.00 to $499.00 + $200.00 (US) for the EVF.

Tim S

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