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Re: dmc-FZ100K

Midwest wrote:

PerH wrote:

Robiro wrote:

This is no FZ30/50 replacement.

No manual zoom, no fun.

I agree. Everything seems fine except just MANUAL ZOOM!

If only there was a way for them to put the FZ-50's lens and manual controls on it, as you said - that internally zooming lens has to rate among the greatest ever put on a non-DSLR. It takes normal-sized filters. The front element doesn't rotate, so a polarizer doesn't keep losing 'phase' as you zoom or focus. Bystanders don't see the camera lens zooming in and out and start trying to figure out what you're shooting.

Bet they could build a properly scaled version of this lens for one of their smaller FZ's, and at reasonably low cost too. That would be the turning point for buying a new camera for me, quite possibly.

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Good points. Seems that Pany/Leica have somehow managed to go both wider and considerably longer with this new lens without effectively reducing its lens speed as still f2.8 at wa and probably close to f4.4 at 400mm and f5.2 at 600mm.
This lens is 5.2-108mm in real terms.

Put this lens with small modification into a fixed lens camera with LX5 sensor and you get a 25-300mm/f2.8-5.2 or into a 4/3 sensor camera like the GL1 a 24-150mm/f2.8-5.2?

I can see both of the above senarios happening if they are not already occuring in the current year? Its more likely for that Panasonic will put the smaller Leica lens from the LX into a similar camera only with 4/3 sensor and a stop slower ie 24-90mm/f2.8-4.5? I think these may be one of the surprises Pany has coming for us.

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