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Re: dmc-FZ100K

safaridon wrote:

However much you obviously liked your FZ50 it could not begin to go as wide hence less versitile nor with its lens was it nearly as compact.

There are lots of things the FZ50 can't do that are standard issue in newer cameras, but unfortunately the ones that are more important to some of us aren't there. The manual zoom lens is one; non-extending fixed lens, a focus ring, maximum apertures that don't go above f/3.7 are others. Some would say the articulating LCD, but while it's a nice thing to have occasionally, I use the fold-out ability so seldom that whether a camera had fixed or articulating LCD would not really affect my choice. Specs are one thing, but usable features can be more important, and even if there was an FZ100-style camera with 24-1000mm, it still lacks in other respects.

EVF size is not as important as resolution. The tiny EVF screen has a lens that enables you to view it at close distance, and a smaller screen will have a shorter focal length lens so you get closer, and the size appears the same as the larger one viewed at greater distance. If it has higher resolution, and the technology of the small screen is good enough, it shouldn't matter if it's tiny or large. You only see the pixels, and fewer pixels means you see less detail in the shot. This depends, of course, on them building it right to begin with, to where the screen appears large enough to your eye and is comfortable to view.

If they use a slightly longer lens on the EVF, the screen will appear smaller, and hence sharper, and this may be what they do intentionally for that reason. It may also be the reason why people gripe about the lousy EVF's they've been making.

But since processing power is a big factor in making an EVF that refreshes quickly, why not use that power that's already there for whatever size EVF screen it takes to display the full 460k pixels? They build it to be able to operate a 460k LCD, then they cripple the EVF with half the pixels, and why? Had they used a good EVF, I think it would actually sell cameras, as that's what people see (at least the ones that use the viewfinder), and having a nice bright sharp and detailed display is not going to hurt sales.

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