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Re: dmc-FZ100K

Daniel Lowe wrote:

The FZ100 looks awesome to me, people complaining about it not being a worthy replacement to the FZ50 are possibly living in the past a wee bit.

The market has changed as has technology, and video has become an important part of almost every class of camera.

Granted they are marketing a product but manual zoom and focus controls are not one bit less desirable than they ever have been. I remember the fun I had trying to focus manually (ha) using that little jog lever on an earlier camera (FZ-7). It's things like that which kept me from seriously looking at any of the 'is this the replacement for the FZ-50?' cameras that have come out every three months since I bought my FZ-50. I never looked seriously at any of them because I consider the 'jog' lever to be a huge step down in functionality.

That's why it looks like I'll have to hold out til I can afford an interchangeable lens camera - Panny doesn't make what can be called a 'prosumer bridge' camera anymore.

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