50D in need of a new lens

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50D in need of a new lens

I have a 50D and started out with a Tamron 18-270mm (since I travel a lot my thoughts were that I needed a superzoom, that stays on the body all the time... and to check out what kind of pictures I mostly took)

Since about 50% of my pictures were portraits, I got a Canon 50mm f1.4... I really like the focal range and the IQ of my copy is (sorry but I'm still an ambitious beginner) fine for me I mostly shoot either wide open or at 5.6 (depends on my mood and the subject ;)) but lately I'm noticing that I have a tendency towards even closer shots or even macros...

I'm looking now for a lens to stand a little further away (I have a lot of birthdays/weddings and other parties coming up and don't want to interfere with the conversations by standing too close) but still be able to take great portraits...
So here are my thoughts and please correct me if I'm wrong

From a focal range point of view, I was looking into the Canon 70-200 2.8 but I rejected it for two things: first the price and second it's too big I tried out the 4.0 IS version, since the price is in my range, but it's still too big for my every day taste...

I prefer primes (just from an IQ point of view) and since my budget allows about 1000 Euros I narrowed it down to a couple of lenses but please advise me if you think other lenses would also be a nice addition to my list of doom (such a hard decision ;))

-Canon EF 135mm L 2.0 (about 1070 Euros on amazon... (in Germany ;))
-Canon EF 100mm L 2.8 IS (about 870 Euros)
-Canon EF 200mm L 2.8 II (about 800 Euros)

I know they're all not in the traditional portrait range but I guess they fit my needs better than the 85mm (and since I got the 50mm I was looking into the longer lenses)...

Right now I'm in between the 135mm and the 100mm (because I think the 200mm is just a little too long for my taste...). I added the 100mm 2.8 L because in addition to the focal range it's got macro capabilities which would be a really nice addition to try out ;))

so what are your thoughts... invest the 200 Euros more and get the 135mm L (just from reading a lot I think it has the better IQ... but that's just hear-say ;)) or even look into another lens?

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