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Re: dmc-FZ100K

Gary R. wrote:

Vandyu wrote:

Yeah, who wouldn't pay an extra $25 for a larger viewfinder? I'd even go $50. Depending on my mood, maybe higher. I just think Panny is being penny wise and pound foolish, as granny used to say.

What puzzles me is why they use a low-resolution viewfinder (201k) on a camera that has the hardware to support a 460k display (the LCD). Since the camera already has the power to handle the hi-res, why not use it?

Even if the FZ50's viewfinder is physically larger, it still has fairly 'dated' resolution of about 205k, and I can tell a big difference in using my LX3's 460k LCD aided by the Clearviewer, as compared to the FZ50's viewfinder. The difference in ability to see detail is significant, and since they're building the viewfinder in to the camera, why not make it a good one?

They did this with the GF1's add-on has only half the resolution of the LCD, so you get the glare and reflection reduction, but at severely reduced resolution.

I think the FZ100 is somewhat Panasonic's answer to the Oly SP800uz with its huge zoom range, except that Oly didn't put ANY viewfinder on it. It's certainly not a replacement for the FZ50, not in any remote way, though it may be a nice travel camera.

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I think that the FZ100 is Panys answer to the very popular Canon HS20 with which it should be compared. The FZ100 is wider 25mm vrs 28mm and longer 600mm vers 580, faster lens with 2,8-5.5 versus 2.8 - 5.9 better and larger swivel screen - 3" 460,000 k versus 2.5" and 201,000 k, much faster operation fps 11 versus 0.7fps, smaller 0.2" EVF 201,000 k vrs 0.44" EVF 201,000k on HS20, and smaller phsical size 4.9"x3.3" vrs 5.1" x 3.6".

I think the evaluation of EVFs by their specs can be vary deceiving. For example when Pany reduced the size of EVF from 0.4 to 0.2" on the FZ series with the same 201,000 k the resolution over smaller unit increased and was sharper on the smaller EVF. So while the 0.44" EVF with same dot resolution while bigger to view is not as sharp. IE the larger the EVF or LCD screen the higher resolution you need to be satisfactory. The primary reason Pany is doing this is to reduce manufacturing cost to be sure and keep size down as much as possible but with good resolution large swivel screen fewer will be using the EVF for photography.

However much you obviously liked your FZ50 it could not begin to go as wide hence less versitile nor with its lens was it nearly as compact. I do however believe that Pany is planning a 24-140mm f2-3.3 camera with the LX5 sensor in the rangefinder body like that being shown for the GL1 which is to be optimized for HD video which requires a fast lens.

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