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Re: backside illuminated

Ehrik wrote:

safaridon wrote:

Good catch about CMOS, but where did you read that it was back-illuminated?

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I have seen no statement whether or not any of these new sensors are BI as the specs don't say, but every news items I have read about Pany's work on new sensors seems to indicate they are incorporating BI where feasible.

Judging the the big increase of allowable ISO levels on the LX5 I conclude that sensor is the only one for now using the no gap construction with low noise at high ISO? Again all the 1/2.33 sensors both ccd for FZ40 and cmos for FZ100 show the same ISO 1600 top level compared to ISO 6400 on the LX5 without using high sensitivity range. Possibly this is because with the higher MP sensors there is more noise to start with so cannot go nearly was high ISO on a 14MP small sensor compared to slightly larger 10MP LX5 one?

For BI to work most efficiently the tighter the pixels are packed the better

I don't think you got that quite right.

When pixels get very small, they start to lose too much quantum efficiency and BSI (that's the usual abbreviation) is supposed to reduce this loss of quantum efficiency. With bigger pixels BSI doesn't do much, but that's because the bigger pixels don't lose much to begin with.

--Thank you for your more correct explaination of how BI works and why better with smaller pixels. I only attemted to make a general statement and since Pany is using almost a 15mp sensor for the FZ100 why likely they are able to do this because possibly of using BI?

hence why Pany went for increasing to 15 mp.

I think they did it to have less aliasing, possibly more resolution, and - of course - marketing.

--While higher mp sensors for compacts seems to be the rule for CCD sensors normally slightly lower MPs seem to be the norm for CMOS sensors at least for the first Sony sensors in 1/1.23 size. I assumed maybe wrong that BI was what was enabling Pany to produce the 14mp CMOS sensor for the FZ100.

Thanks for your explanations

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