OK took the advice but now what

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Re: OK took the advice but now what

Pedro Claro wrote:

wihakowi wrote:

I still don't get it. Guess someone will have to explain that to me ("more like an f3.2 lens on FF"). No Comprende!

Nice effort, but I'm portuguese, not spanish. So you may want to say "Não compreendo"...

I can't explain the technical part, but when mounted on a camera with a cropped sensor, the multiplication factor will apply, also, to DoF. You can't get the shallow DoF that a 135/2 provides when mounted on a FF camera with an APS-C camera: you'll have to multiply (for that purpose only) the aperture for the crop factor, so 2 x 1.6 = 3.2! It will behave, DoF wise, as an f/3.2 lens... As I said before, the light gathering ability should be the same (so, if @f/2 = 1/200 sec. on FF, then it should be that @f/2 = 1/200 sec. on APS-C).

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but that's the way I got it.

I got it from the start! Nothing wrong with this: DOF is less on ff by the same factor as the crop!

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