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Re: dmc-FZ100K seems to me...

that panny realized:

"oohhhh - if we do not react with a hotshoe-model and bigger zoom, we're loosing customers"

So it's nothing more than a reaction of market-pressure - but they do not listen to us customers:

They think - so it seems to me now: "If they want a swifel LCD and a manual zoom the should move to our G models"

And maybe...if they had watched long enoght into this forum they noticed:

Many of the Super-Zoom Users using additional lenses/converters so why should we listen to:

We do not want to change our lens - many of them do so (me too) so if they get additional lenses they should buy a better system wich offers them more quality and....give us the opportunity to earn money....

So the system is running....

but maybe later this month we know more...


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