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Midwest wrote:

I'm not opposed to more megapixels - I think they are a good thing but unless Panny has come up with one heck of a sensor technology, all those MP on 1/2.33" sounds crazy.

Lots of the other specs are interesting, and I'm glad that this model will have a Leica-Elmarit lens (not all Pannys do) but it's more like a supercharged FZ-38 than any replacement for the fabled FZ-50. Most specifically, the lens doesn't appear to zoom internally nor does it appear to have manual focus or zoom. For a moment when I saw the model name I was hopeful, but now, not quite so much.

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Just in case you missed the point this is a new CMOS back illuminated HS sensor. For BI to work most efficiently the tighter the pixels are packed the better hence why Pany went for increasing to 15 mp. Because the sensors are packed much less dense on DSLRs is why BI not effective or used there.

I would project that Pany will be offering the FZ48 with the same lens and similar CCD sensor as the FZ35 but only minor changes and no 1080Hi for those preferring the faster lens and high resolution for still photography while FZ100 is aimed for video use and high speed operations ie 11 fps for action shots.

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