Correspondence with Erwin Puts on Leica M9 focusing

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Re: Correspondence with Erwin Puts on Leica M9 focusing

bdnc wrote:

It isn't advisable, IMO, to take the evaluations of a "reviewer/blogger" who obviously is not experienced with RF cameras as definitive.

both reviewers in the blog are very experienced with rangefinders
Puts wrote a definitive compendium of Leica lenses

he does tend towards fanaticism and at times makes statements based more on increasing his hits than being accurate

I respect his opinion, but like all information, his writing needs to be considered critically
he is at times a bit naive with digital systems from my readings
Lloyd Chambers has an excellent and reliable subscription review site
while not a Leica expert, he is

He refers to an "issue" with focus calibration on the M9, I have to assume he means a "problem". He doesn't indicate if he had the RF adjusted, but goes on to assemble an exchange with Puts about focus bracketing/chimping/"slider mechanisms". They never get to the point - his focusing cam is very probably out of adjustment. Or he has several lenses that are not properly adjusted or all have focus shift - not as likely.

this may be true

almost certainly I am not as critical about focus as Puts or Chambers, but I have not experienced such focus issues with my M8 or M9, perhaps because I don't ask my rangefinders to do jobs better done with an SLR

if I want tack sharp focus from a wide open lens close up, I will either use focus bracketing and the Viso with the M's or go with an SLR

knowing the strengths & weaknesses of your tools is essential in getting the most from them

Checking to see if the RF cam is adjusted correctly is easy and straight forward - rack a couple of lenses to infinity and look at the moon or a bright star w/magnifier, if it is not properly aligned - horizontally - adjust the cam with an Allen wrench. This is about a 5 minute task and usually all that is needed. Or send it to Leica to adjust and hope it doesn't get bumped hard in return transit.

I have not had the need to do this yet, based on the sound principle of if it ain't broke, don't fix it

The last part comparing DSLR autofocus to RFs is really useless to the discussion - if you are unwilling or don't understand the advantages and tradeoffs that come with an RF, then an SLR is best for you. BTW, I have had no problem with my M9 focusing, but I have had to adjust my M8 (and canon 7, M3, Canonette, Robot, Epson R-D1, Bessa, Speed Graphic) focusing cam and had to have a very expensive lens adjusted. focusing adjustment simply it is part of the equation with RFs.

true & Chambers notes this as well in the last paragraph of his discussion with Puts in which he concedes that Live View is needed for accurate focus
Chambers was incorrect in stating CCDs not supporting Live View

the Fujifilm S3 had Live View capability, albeit only for the center of the frame

I guess I have been lucky (or less critical,) but this just has not been a problem for me

of course YMMV, but all photography is about compromise and it is the photographer's job to choose the best tools for the task at hand
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