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aniramca wrote:

My S5 Pro uses a Fuji NP-150 battery. Although S5 Pro has a Nikon D200 body, the camera could not use the original Nikon EN-EL3e battery fitted for the D200. I was recently looking for an extra battery for my S5 pro, as the camera is discontinued and I believe that Fuji does not support the parts any longer. A local battery store supplier told me that the replacement (third party) battery is the same for both D200 and S5 Pro. He suggested to bring the camera and try it. I do not want to try it first and get my precious camera fried!

I know that the S5 pro and D200 have practically the same body (except the Fuji has the Supper CCD sensor instead). My question is whether it is possible for a third party camera battery to be used for both cameras, whileas the original cameras only recognize their own brand name battery.

Most unlikely. If such a battery ever existed and was for sale it's hard to believe that we wouldn't have heard of them by now. But have no fear, your camera won't fry. Unfortunately it won't work since Nikon's batteries are by design incompatible with Fuji's DSLRs, and Fuji's batteries are similarly incompatible with Nikon's DSLRs. If you put a fully charged EN-EL3e (Nikon's version of Fuji's "smart" NP-150) in the S5Pro it will initially display a blinking low battery icon and then give you the normal top LCD display, but the camera will not be operable.

You can still buy new batteries for the S5Pro from B&H. The brand is Pearstone and while I haven't bought any Pearstone NP-150's, I've bought several Pearstone batteries for some of my Olympus and Canon cameras. Unlike cheap Li-Ion batteries that I've tried from web merchants, the Pearstone batteries have never failed and provide the same performance of the batteries from the camera manufacturers. I don't recall the price of Fuji's NP-150's but I assume that the Pearstone version that sells for $24.95 is at least somewhat less expensive.

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