Dropped Lens!

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Re: Dropped Lens!

Ditto EdwardInToronto - if it focuses ok (AF and manual), ISs ok, Zooms ok, Diaphram stops down and opens ok, then it's ok.

If you don't have the lens hood (EW-78E or off-brand clone), get it and use it. It's great protection in a fall.

Had a simliar instance with my old film EOS + EF 28-105 f/3.5-4.5 USM years ago. The plastic hood on the lens took the brunt of the fall, flexed so much I was sure it had snapped in half. But it all survived with just a scrape mark on the hood.

ianbrown wrote:

I have dropped my 15-85 lens into a concrete car park!
It fell out of my Lowpro and hit the floor with some force.

It has a couple of small marks around the lens filter, however it "appears" to be working ok. I have tried the image stabaliser and it seems to focus quick etc.

Would you advise sending to canon to get it checked or are there any other checks I could do?
Its only 6 weeks old!!!

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