New owner of T2i - Defective upon receipt

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New owner of T2i - Defective upon receipt

My new T2i (body only) arrived yesterday and I was excited to start to learn and use it.

The lens I ordered (15-85mm USM IS) is still on backorder for 2-4 wks!! so I couldnt do much except play in the menus and read thru my copy of David Busch's Canon EOS Rebel T2i Digital SLR Photography guide.

Unfortunately, to my disapointment, my T2i was defective upon receipt.

The memory card slot does not work as designed. When you try to remove the SD card by pressing on its edge and having it pop back up, it just sat there. No pop up. I had to use a small object to force slide it up and out.

For a $800 camera, Im saddened by this.

To make matters worse, I was not able to return it with a replacement from Amazon (only for a refund) because they were all out of stock! I had to order a brand new one from another company altogether and pack up and ship this one back.

Also, I thought the battery door was also defective as it took me FOREVER to try to get it open. I dont have nails and when I slide it it just sits there and doesnt pop open. I had to have my wife help me open it!. This is not good.

Anyone else have this issue/complaint?

I checked with a co-worker who has a lower level Rebel at work but it seems thats the way to door is on his as well, with no spring mechanism? So you slide it and HOPE you can open it. WOW not a good design. If you need to change a battery quickly to get a shot, this could be very frustrating and costly.

This will be a pet peeve of mine for sure.

So for now, my high expectations were shattered.

Lets hope body #2 works out much better.

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