POLL: Why do you buy camera gear?

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Richard Veteran Member • Posts: 4,858
I fit in the third broad camp of photographers.

I buy gear for status and to make people think I am a photogrpher and I have money.

I meet up with local photographers to I can display my hardware. I pride myself in having the latest technology. I do not take any pictures and pride myself in that my camera has less than 5 shutter clicks. This allows me to sell it at near new and buy the latest gadget. Photography is way overrated. Having gear for status is where it is at. I like to talk on the forums and tell everyone how much better my equipment is than everyone elses citing reviews (none of my own of course, I don't take any pictures). I regurgitate data and opinions from other websites and put down anyone that doesn't have as good of gear as I do. This help me feel superior and help aleviate my inferiority complex. My camera and bigger lenses help compensate for my lack of physical attributes. If I can't afford the latest high megapixel camea I lie about it and tell people it is in the shop for repairs. Someday I may actually take picturers but right now I would prefer just to talk about photography. LOL

Henry Richardson wrote:

It seems clear to me that there are 2 broad camps of camera buyers:

1. Buy cameras to use as tools to take photos. Photography is the primary interest.

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