I'd like a G1 on steroids please!

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I'd like a G1 on steroids please!

Now that the Panasonic G series has been well received, I thinks it's time for someone to build a reasonably priced mirror-less camera with a larger-than-ff sensor. This camera, if made with the same attention to quality, compactness, lightweight, and price as the G1, would appeal to many people who now chose the expensive full-frame sensor cameras of N, C, and S. Here's what I would like:

+sensor size of 40x30mm or thereabouts (44x33, 49x36.8, etc)

+weather-sealed body that houses the above sensor. This body would need to be bigger to accommodate the larger sensor and the seals for added robustness.

+contrast-detect AF like in the G series is perfectly OK for those applications where focus speed is not critical. The AF system should be fast enough to focus on moving toddlers, for example, but not birds in flight.

+large, bright, clear, electronic viewfinder, of similar or better quality than the EVF in the G1/2 camera, obviously enlarged for the new format.

+camera should have decently large pixels for great low light capability and be about 40MP.

+priced under $1400 for body, under $2000 for kit lens of similar (high) image quality and range of the G1's 14-45mm zoom.

+high quality primes with (35mm) equivalent focal lengths of 24 - 40 - 70. Focus should be on size at the expense of lens speed. However, I think the 40mm (equivalent) lens could be made small and f2.8.

For those of you who think this camera and lens system cannot be done, I would urge you to look at the Hasselblad XPAN lenses. Those lenses were very high quality and tiny (although admittedly slow - f4).

The IQ of this system would absolutely blow away ff cameras and be a similar in cost to the least expensive ff cameras. It would take away much sales from those cash cows ff cameras of N&C. Leica would not be happy either .

Would you guys buy this? I certainly would. Would Panasonic build it? I do not think N or C would build it for too much fear of upsetting their own full-frame DSLR lineup. However, I think the dominance of DSLR's is going to be diminished over the next few years.

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