POLL: Why do you buy camera gear?

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Re: #3 STATUS SYMBOL = The Bling Factor!

007peter wrote:

Funny you should mention this. I was swamped by literally thousands of mainland Chinese Tourists in Kaohsiung Taiwan. I was surprised to see so many expensive Canon 7D and Canon 5D MKII, seem like everyone have one, including a fragile grandfather who could barely walk with a cane but is carry his canon 7D with pride.

Apparently, with mainland Chinese newfound wealth, Big + Heavy + Bulky + Expensive Canon 7D or 5d MKII have become a latest Status Symbol . Canon DSLR has that ghetto BLING FACTOR! that excites the Chinese consumer. Do not silly them with your tiny micro 4/3 Olympus who? . They want their DSLR BIG, HEAVY, with Canon's Red Badge all over their neck. Apparently, everyone has an imitated gold Rolex in China that canon DSLR ownership ( more expensive the better ) is the newest status symbol and difficult to duplicated.

That is funny! I think those Chinese are a definite #2!

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