LR 2.6 deleted 23,000 pictures - HELP!!!

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LR 2.6 deleted 23,000 pictures - HELP!!!

Lightroom deletes 23,000 pictures in 2 seconds. Can you give me any pointers on how to get them back?

I've never had a problem before and this morning like a shot of lightning, while switching back and forth between an archive catalog and this active catalog, now my picture are all coming up with those little ? in the corners telling me it cannot find the images. I know I exported one image from the catalog to Flickr using Friedl's exporter, pressed the cancel button halfway through the export, switched to a different catalog and when I came back to this catalog, everything was gone.

The LR catalog is fine, but poking around on my HD revealed that the folder structure for the images is completely gone. Nothing shows up in the recycle bin, but Windows still shows these 300 GB of files as being used so I'm sure they are still out there somewhere. I tried an unerase utility to see if a simple restore was possible, but I don't see the top level folder anywhere. I have been very careful to not mess around too much as I don't want to ruin my chance of recovery. Windows has not done a check disk on this drive yet,

For reference, Win XP 64 bit with LR 2.6 64 bit, and a very active catalog. Files are backed up every 2 weeks, but it will be a very nasty job to restore everything. As luck would have it, a backup was due to run, so my restore will be 2 weeks out of date on this very active catalog. Only the last 6 months of pictures is on this computer.

My 500 gig drive is partitioned as follows.

Drive c:Windows partition 50 gig

Drive d: All data including pictures here 450 gig (300 gigs of pictures are nowhere to be found but the space is still showing as used)

My Pictures

Pictures 2010

Jan 2 2010 Concert Shoot
Jan 3 2010 Smith Wedding


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