Magic Lenses for 5DII (not necessarily from Canon)

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Re: Zeiss

gdanmitchell wrote:

I'm absolutely certain that if we lined up 20 high quality 18" x 24" prints made by talented and skillful photographers using a variety of lenses including your vaunted Zeiss optics and a variety of Canon lenses including equivalent L primes and zooms and the better non-L primes that neither you nor anyone else could accurately identify which photographs were made with which lenses.

Maybe not but we might like the asthetic of some over the others, which is what people are referring to. My lens is better than your Canon is not the point here. Zeiss fans are just pointing out that they see a special quality coming out of these lenses. Frankly, I see it too. This does not mean Canon has poor lenses at all.

I do not own a Zeiss lens but am eager to test one soon as the images I have been studying/seeing posted are quite unique imho.

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