Thinking about not using protective filters (cleaning lens)

Started Jul 13, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Re: Thinking about not using protective filters (cleaning lens)

PeterK wrote:

I dropped a new 24-105 with $100+ B+W Filter on it (hood reversed in a Lowepro 1W case). The filter glass broke, and embedded glass inside the front element gasket was the only damage to the lens. $188 to remove broken glass and clean.

Yeah, same thing happened to me. I had a thin Kenko pro filter on it and the glass was in pieces. The frame was stuck on so I pulled out all the glass. I ended up weakening the frame a bit by filing it down with a file, then just pulled it off with a pliers. No damage to the lens. Those B+W filter frames are probably more solid than Kenko/Hoya pro versions.

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