Filters on the 24-105mm f/4 IS L

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Re: Filters on the 24-105mm f/4 IS L

bbauwens wrote:

Hi all,

As it seems, I am either going to add the Zeiss 21mm or the TS-E 24mm to my collection of L zoom lenses - so I can have one great wide-angle lens.

Now the next step is to buy new filters - I am going to look at the Vari-ND filter and the Grad-ND filters from Singh-ray.

Given that the primes are 82mm diameter, I was thinking of buying a 82mm version of the Vari-ND and then using a step-up ring to use the same filter on the 24-105mm. The filters are pretty expensive, and therefore I don't want to buy 2 Vari-ND filters if it's not absolutely necessary.

So can anyone tell me how prone the 24-105mm is to vignetting when using filters, especially with the wider focal lengths? I have the option to choose between 77mm and 82mm plus step-up ring as well as thin mount or normal mount (which I prefer, as that allows me to stack Grad-ND filters on top). Do you think I can go with an 82mm (normal mount) plus a step-up ring? And would I get vignetting on the TS-E lens in that case?

Any hints based on experience would be great.


The 24-105mm isn't very prone to vignette, it's actually got a built in step up ring if you notice.

You should get the 82mm vari-ND filter with a step down ring mainly to save money.

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