What Quesabesde is saying in bullet point form/bottomline....

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What Quesabesde is saying in bullet point form/bottomline....

To those saying "don't people read other threads" I did a search and couldn't readily find about this so, my apologies in advance, just skip.

My first language is Spanish so decided to take a look- in bullet point form what they are saying is:

  • "we have had access to new data regarding future plans of the company focused now on the micro four thirds standard"

  • And about that imminent new DSLR which is far from the modular rumors and more in lines of "more of the same" - in line with E-3 and E-30

  • We confirmed through non-official sources but of maximum trust/knowledge on this (I will hold Quesabesde on credibility if this turns out to be wrong, but I do think they are a reputable website)

  • Even with no new lenses, they will make sure the lenses make it over to micro four thirds

  • Improving contrast AF with them is a top priority for the company

  • The plan of hybrid camera to use both mounts (as successor to E-3) is not happening

  • To focus on mirrorless camera and provide micro four thirds all the way to the professional level is the maximum priority for Olympus

  • Until such camera comes out that can match and overcome 4/3rd pro models, Olympus will keep 4/3rds well supported and alive

  • It is perceived Olympus is clearly saying so- that 4/3rds is alive

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Both quesabesde and 43rumors can't be right here. 43rumors has been saying it will be a modular camera so we'll see what happens soon.

So I would imagine this professional grade micro four thirds won't happen for at least 1 more year if I had to guess, maybe two.

What I also read from all this is that 4/3rds won't be cut off immediately but gradually over time.

I am fine with all this. A pro range finder like micro four thirds weather sealed with a few good primes sounds good to me (my own wishes).

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