Nex 3 text frames with kit lenses [img]

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Re: Nex 3 text frames with kit lenses [img]

Iliah, a little bit off-topic but may I ask why you preferred the E-P2 to some of P's 4/3-cameras?

Colour is filtered much better and stabilization is done in body, so my old-fashioned primes benefit from it.

Btw, did you read Thom commenting on Olympus at the moment?

"Meanwhile, from leaked documents I've seen that appear to be real Olympus Japan internal publications, it seems clear to me that Olympus will likely be the first to present to the market a truly modular camera similar to what I suggested for sensors in Camera Redefined. The scale of leaks out of Olympus in recent months indicate a pattern to me of controlled and intentional leakage. Perhaps Olympus is looking to road test aspects of their upcoming camera designs to see how they play with the general public. If not, then Olympus R&D is being very sloppy right now." ( )

The present state of ergonomics of Oly cameras is so ridiculously poor that the MoCa needs a lot of improvements in this department to be even considered - perfect technical capabilities alone do not make a photo.

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