My 7D focus problem - pt 2

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My 7D focus problem - pt 2

My last post was about a casual test that I did to confirm my suspicion that my 7D wasn't focusing correctly. Tonight, I did another test that was a little more controlled.

I used three small boxes with bar codes on the bottom and made each one half an inch further back than the other. I placed my camera on the table top (and it didn't move when pressing the shutter thanks to the rubber material on the bottom). I used the center AF point and turned IS off.

This time I used two lenses, the 17-55 2.8 and the 70-200 4L IS. I also decided to put the 7D up against my XSI since I hadn't consistently noticed "soft pictures" from it. Neither camera had trouble focusing instantly on the bar codes.

Only about 25% of the pictures taken with the 7D were "dead on" or just about. With the Rebel, it was about 65%, with the 70-200mm being more accurate than the 17-55.

Of course this was checking for "dead on" focus at 100%. A larger percentage of these pictures would pass at normal print sizes. BUT STILL, it really limits your cropping ability for normal print sizes.

I wouldn't switch back to Nikon because a) they don't do video, which I use b) I don't like their color/skin tones and c) their lenses are overpriced. I'm a Canon fan, but I'm really disappointed with my experience with them this year. I've had to send both my s90 and G11 in for dead pixels and with the 7D, they've obviously released a product with focusing problems.

I just wish I would have tested it sooner. I've taken so many soft images and blamed myself for them.

Have any of you tested your 7D like I have? If so, what percentage of dead on focus are you getting? I'm not convinced about BIF pics taken at f8 with the whole bird in focus, I'm talking about testing with shallow DOF.


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